11 Jul 2007

A Few Boston Photos

I wanted to quickly post a few photos that were taken from the Boston part of my vacation. The first was taken from Boston Harbor near the aquarium, looking back on the city. I was able to steady the camera on a pier to get this 20" exposure. It is one of my favorite pictures from the trip and one of the best night exposures that I've ever done. The harbor is a really beautiful place at night; there are boats all around, and the lights from the airport and surrounding buildings make beautiful reflections on the water.

Boston, from the Harbor

Photography was strictly forbidden inside the Blue Man Group show, but we were allowed to pose with the Blue Men in the lobby post-performance. The show lived up to its recommendations; it was eclectic, exciting, and engaging. The audience was called on to participate multiple times, with some people getting picked by the Blue Men to have extended roles in the show. My favorite parts of the show were the percussive elements; many innovative instruments were created out of PVC pipes and other tubes. The picture below is my best "Blue Man" face. I didn't quite get the eerie smile right, and somehow my eyes came out huge in the process...

Blue Man Wannabe

The next shot was taken in the Boston Public Garden. There are a line of bronze ducks that commemorate the book "Make Way for Ducklings," a story about a mother duck raising her ducklings in the lagoon in the Public Garden. I had to wait for all the little kids to get off the ducklings, but in the end I finally got my "big duck" shot.

Make Way for Ducklings

Thanks to my brother for taking the last two pictures that I was in. I have many more photos to share, so when I get home I'll put them up for your enjoyment.