06 Jul 2007

Off to Boston and Cape Cod

It's hard to believe how fast the summer has gone so far. It may be only early July, but I've already completed 8 weeks of a 12-week internship, and it seems like I'll be heading back to school really soon. I'm on vacation next week, and then I'll work two more weeks until I take another week off to spend at my friend's camp in New Hampshire. Another two weeks of work after that and I'll be done. I spend the next week at Acadia National Park in Maine, camping and training with my high school cross country team, and once I get back I head off to school. I'm already excited to return; I really enjoy school and college life.

Blue Man Group

I'll take another 8 weeks of summer, though. This next week I'm off with my family to visit Boston and Cape Cod. Boston is a special place for me because I lived there for 6 weeks the summer before my senior year of high school when I attended the Research Science Institute at MIT. I really loved the city, and hoped at the time that I would go to college there, but things turned out differently. I haven't really been back to visit since that summer, so I'm excited to spend a few days there. I'm expecting the highlight of the trip to be seeing the Blue Man Group on Sunday afternoon. I've heard really good things.

Then it's off to Cape Cod, a place we have visited every year since my aunt purchased a condo in Bourne. Hopefully the weather will be better than last year, when it rained all week. We just got a new bike rack that can accommodate four bikes, so we'll probably be hitting the great network of trails that crisscross that area. I'm looking forward to beaches, lobster, and creemees! Hopefully I'll get some good photographs, maybe I'll even put up a short post or two in the middle of the week if I get some time.