13 May 2007

Last Night in 640

View from 640 During this past year at the U of R, I lived in Hollister 640, a single in the Susan B. Anthony building. The room had a fantastic view of the Genesee river and the skyline of downtown Rochester. I loved to just stare out the open window at night and enjoy the lights. One of my favorite memories came during the first few weeks of school, when I could see, over the Kodak building on the far left, the fireworks that were being shot off after the Redwings baseball game. I'm really going to miss this room. The shot above is ISO 50 with a 10s exposure. I tried exposures between 5 and 15 seconds but decided that I liked this version the best, because it captured the cloud without blowing out the lights in the foreground. No editing except a small crop. By the way, I'm now a junior :)