08 Apr 2007

Finalized Summer Plans

First of all, please accept my apologies for not having posted in a really, really long time. Last week was extremely busy. I worked for about 12 hours giving campus tours and representing UR at a local college fair. I also had a test and a quiz and pile of homework. To top it all off, I was sick with a cold. Just as I was starting to get healthy, a nasty stomach virus knocked me out for the better part of this weekend. I’m back to normal today, though, and I’m hoping that I’ll be healthy for the rest of the year so that I can enjoy the spring that hasn’t quite made it to Rochester yet. It’s been snowing for the past four or five days in a row! The seasons have been so backwards this year - we’ve had a white Easter and a green Christmas.

On to the point of this post - my summer plans. I decided about a week and a half ago to take a job with IBM. I’ll be a member of what IBM calls a “Speed Team,” a group of six interns that spends an entire summer overhauling a mission-critical component of the business. We’ll be working on the automation of the dice, sort, and pick process for MPWs (multi-project wafers).

I was on another Speed Team two summers ago, and it was a very positive experience for three reasons. Speed Teams at IBM have a lot of executive visibility - we often had meetings with managers three levels above us during which we had to present, with metrics, our methodology and progress. It gave a sense of importance to our work. Secondly, there was never a shortage of things to tackle. I am the kind of person that needs to be kept busy and to have two or three projects going at once so that if one stalls then I can move on and come back to it laster. Lastly, it was a blast to be in a room with only other interns. We had our own lounge/meeting space, and could shout to each other over the cube walls if we had questions. I’m hoping that this summer will be just as rewarding.

“What happened to Google?” is the question you’re all probably wondering about. After putting myself through their stressful interview process, I decided that I couldn’t let the IBM job offer expire to wait on a job offer from Google that may or may not have come. I never actually got rejected, though, which I’m proud of! When I let the recruiter know of my decision, I inquired about what time to start the internship search next year. This was the response I got:

Tyler, I'm so sorry we were not able to turn this around quick enough. Please contact myself or *(name removed)* in December. Best of luck and please do keep in touch!

I didn’t know that they wanted to receive undergraduate internship applications that early - about two months earlier than I applied this year! Hopefully, should I decide that I wish to try for another Google internship next year, I won’t run out of time like I did this year. To anyone who got a Google internship this summer, congratulations! I’m a little bit jealous, but I’ll get over it. Burlington, VT is a great place to spend the summer.