07 Mar 2007

Rochester's New Logo

The University of Rochester is trying to develop a new graphic identity, and a huge part of that is to create a new logo. They are replacing the monochromatic, somewhat outdated seal and crest that are used very inconsistently on many campus letterheads. Old Logos The five finalists for the new logo have been selected from over 100 initial ideas. The shield has been updated but still retains many of the important elements of the old logo: "Meliora," the motto, meaning "Always Better," the three divisions of learning, and the dandelion, which is an important school symbol. The goal for the logo is to look unique, but dignified, and to signal that UR is a "world-class research institution." New Logos Personally, I like the crest on the second logo, but I like the typography on the first. The name fits inside a clean rectangle, and the word "Rochester" is emphasized without having to be disproportionately larger than the first part of the name. Which logo do you like best and why? Leave a comment here, and be sure to take the official survey so that your vote can be counted.