12 Jan 2007

Nifty iPhoto 'Year in Review'

While I was playing with iPhoto over the vacation, I discovered a neat way to quickly review all the cool things I had done last year. If you use iPhoto to manage your photo library, and you take a fair number of photos throughout the year (I have around 1200 shots from last year), then you may enjoy this little trick. It is by no means earth-shattering, but I thought it was a uniquely visual way to reminisce about the year.

iPhoto Year in Review

Choose the year you want to review from the source list. The years are found under “Library” which should be the first item on the list. After adjusting the pictures to an appropriate size using the slider in the lower right hand corner, click on the scroll button and drag it at any speed down the scroll bar. As you do this, the months of the year will overlay the photos so that you can see everything that happened that month. You will only see the overlay if you are using iLife ‘06.

Last year brought me my 19th birthday, many track meets, my 5th Vermont City Marathon relay team, jaw surgery, my first lobster, a Dave Matthews Band roadtrip, a week of camping in Deering, New Hampshire, many visits to friends and family, a Ben Folds Concert, and a fine Christmas. I hope 2006 was good to you as well.