14 Dec 2006

A Third Semester Done (Well, Almost)

I guess I can't call myself done when I still have a paper to write, four exams to study for, and a random problem set that all must be completed by next Thursday at noon. But I have been absolutely immersed this past week and a half in wrapping things up, and little milestones mean everything to me right now. I'm done with webwork (possibly forever!), a project for one class, a paper on RFID for physics, lab reports, and almost all problem sets, but I still have the aforementioned items to get through. Tonight is off-limits for work, though, and tomorrow morning I am going to sleep in for once in my life get up early and go to the Mt. Hope Diner with some awesome cross-country alumni.

I'm hesitant to speak about the semester when it isn't actually done yet. Although 23 credits was absolutely insane, and I'm entirely sure that I won't take that much of an overload ever again in my life, I must say that it was a really good experience to have. It will make next semester feel like vacation in comparison, and it has really gave me an idea of what it is like to be so busy you feel like you are going to go out of your mind. Another great thing about it was that it made the semester absolutely fly by. Most weeks I didn't have a spare minute to think, from Monday at 8am to Friday at 3pm, and I really enjoyed it. It also helps that my classes were interesting.

Looking back, I thought that:

  • My Multivariable Calc class was going to be easy (Hell no)
  • My Discrete Math class would be interesting (Turns out I already knew most of the course material, and the homework was really long and repetitive busywork)
  • My Physics class would be moderately hard (There were pages, and I mean pages, of math every lecture. I still haven't wrapped my head around all of the derivations)
  • My Arabian Nights class would have really good discussions (There were classes where only one or two people talked)
  • I would really like my Circuits class (I loved it)

Top prize for my favorite class of the semester was my circuits class. The lectures were well taught, the labs actually helped me learn the material, mostly because they required designing circuits as pre-lab exercises, and the homework was almost fun in a nerdy way. Physics was a close second. That class took me to a whole new level in calculus, and made me want to get a minor in Physics. Lectures were good, but not outstanding, but the lecture notes that our professor gave us every class were fantastic. It was like he wrote his own textbook. So if you attend the University of Rochester and you ever have the chance to take Circuits with Professor Jones or Honors Physics with Professor Cline, I highly recommend it.

Next semester is the first semester that I am taking not a single liberal arts class. Quantum Mechanics, Data Structures, Signals & Circuits II, and Computer Organization are all on the horizon. I'm pretty excited, but first I have four exams and a hopefully fun and relaxing holiday break to get through. A thoroughly satisfying fall semester, but one that I'm glad is almost over so I can stop being so busy! Now back to the books for the next seven days straight...