28 Oct 2006

New Host & New Theme

If you're seeing this, you're experiencing my new webhost! The site should be much, much faster. It's even faster for me, and I used to view it from the computer it was hosted on! If you're not seeing this, then you're probably not seeing anything at all, as I shut down the server on my computer.

I also decided to go with a new theme for Wordpress, the much raved about K2, with all of its AJAX goodness (live search, rolling archives). I've been rolling my own with the colors. I originally had a light-on-dark style, but it was too depressing, so I modified the CSS a little and I like what I see. The combination of dark edges with the white page is really pleasing, and I really like how the red titles and blue links stand out. The color scheme seems much more unified than previously. My favorite part is the picture on the top, which one of my parents took, and I edited. Enjoy!