21 Oct 2006

A Couple of Interesting Links

An LED display has been constructed in the windows of Simmons Hall, a dorm at MIT that is noteworthy for its interesting design. I had the privelege of staying there for six weeks between my 11th and 12th grade years in high school, and its a pretty crazy place. All of the rooms are different shapes, sizes, have different numbers of windows (mine had 18). There were singles that were twice as big as my double and singles that were barely large enough to fit in. The only way I can describe the dorm is that it is like Hogwarts - the staircases seem to move so that they're not in the same place day to day. Anyway, check out the display, those MIT kids are always up to crazy things.

World of Warcraft ruins lives. I have always been skeptical of a game that requires a monthly fee to play and that doesn't have any way to win, but I've never actually read anything by players who have quit because they have lost all semblance of real lives. Judging by the number of comments on this post, its not an isolated occurrence, either. From the article:

"I know of children and spouses being forced to play and grind for their parents, threats of divorce, rampant neglect, failing grades in school, and thousands of dollars spent on "outsourcing" foreign help. For what, you ask? Honor. The desire to be the best for at least one week. To get the best loot in the game. What do these "heroes" receive? Why, cheers and accolades of course as they parade along in their new shiny gear... which is obsolete the first time they step into one of the premier instances. The accomplishment and sacrifice itself are meaningless a few days later. Then it's usually off to the races again."